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CAL-MAG-FORCE 1:1 (Chelate/Citrate) Nutritional Support for your Bones! Calcium and magnesium are recognized for their role in the prevention of osteoporosis as well as for the health of the central nervous system and that of the muscles. An imbalance of either mineral will lead to problems with the central nervous system and the muscles, including the heart. Unfortunately, the ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium is not the same for everyone. That's why Prairie Naturals offers a variety of calcium/magnesium formulas to meet the needs of every customer.

Prairie Naturals Cal-Mag-Force 1:1 Tablets meets the needs of individuals that require a greater proportion of magnesium along with calcium in the highly absorbable amino acid chelate and citrate forms. The formula also supplies calcium co-factors, vitamin D, silica, oat straw and alfalfa.