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Next only to the heart, the liver is the single most important organ in the human body. It processes and/or stores virtually everything that enters the body. Milk thistle cleans the liver of toxic and fatty substances, thus improving its overall function.

It is an antioxidant, protecting the liver from toxic and free radical damage – it also increases the liver’s production of the antioxidant amino acid L-glutathione and improves the flow of bile, thus preventing backup and indirectly improving digestion. Dandelion (root) also cleans the liver of toxic and fatty substances and encourages liver and gallbladder health while increasing bile flow.

Both milk thistle and dandelion have been used for centuries as puritives and in the treatment of a number of ailments. Today, however, they are recognized as the most powerful liver cleansers available. The root of the dandelion is what is used for promoting liver and gallbladder health.