A family with different nationalities has been in the Health and Sports industry since 1995. The first generation, a man with more than 25 years of senior corporate experience (COO) and a hard working woman (Certified Naturopath) with natural intuition, opened a few Health Stores in back then a great Venezuela when nobody believed in a natural and healthy lifestyle. The company name was MARATHON because both of them were marathon runners.
Looking for better opportunities for their children, they came to Canada. Guess what? They acquired a Health Store called NATURE SANTE 2000 in 2003. Nature Sante was a natural path for them, they believed in the industry and the good they will be doing to society by continue developing their expertise with a Health Food Store.
Nature Sante mission was and still is, to provide with the most varied selection of natural products to the community including raw, gluten-free, vegan, fair trade, non-GMO food, and supplements; household and cleaning products; cruelty-free cosmetics and creams, personal care products, essential oils and more.

Six years ago, Francisco (CEO), the oldest son (who was refused to leave his beloved country where he was able to grow the family business to a bigger scale) came to Canada to become a Certified Financial Analyst and finish an MBA. Meanwhile, he helped in the family business and put his personal touch to the family store. Nature Sante got into him, and he started to believe that this was a great opportunity to work and enjoy his parents. He started to see the reach that NATURE SANTE had in Montreal, and he started to develop a brand that today is well-known within healthy Montrealers.

Francisco had graduated and he had two dreams at that point: impact the world with socially responsible investing or continue with the family business. Guess what? Now, two generations are working together to provide our clients competitive prices, the most products available at all times; and most importantly, the best customer service we can possibly give.

We encourage you to support us on this journey and engage with us to change our surroundings the best way we possibly can.

Upated Paragraph

2 years have passed and we cannot believe what we have grown. We developed an acquisition criteria for new products that have been incredibly successful. Our idea was to differentiate our store from others by listening to clients. We were able to achieve one important goal, work side by side with our team not to sell the most, but to enjoy our small moments as a family. We found the right balance between both generations. Now there's a third-generation, our baby Mathias that is melting our heart. This is by far the best decision I have ever made in my life! Family is everything, it is priceless. There's always time to open new stores and grow your business.