Returned shipment

If your order is returned to us for any of the following reasons we will refund your payment method for the product returned minus the original shipping fees and any additional fees incurred to return the products to our warehouse (including return postage, handling).

- Parcel refused by the customer for any reason without our prior written authorization, including damaged product/products

- Undeliverable address not excluding P.O.Boxes or rural locations.

- No one available to accept the delivery.


If a products needs to be returned because its damaged and/or broken, we will cover the shipping costs. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. We won't refund the value of a product if it got delayed because of extreme conditions. Please note that a product is required to be returned in order for a refund to be issued, regardless of the situation. Sometimes we might be able to issue a refund based on a photo confirmation of a product damage. Do not dispose the item in question unless you get our authorization to do so. No exceptions We do not refund the value of refrigerated items that were shipped without a purchase of an ice pack and an insulated box. We don't accept claims of missing products after 72 hours of receiving the goods, no exception. We won't be able to refund exploded sodas due to extreme weather conditions. We are not able to control transport of this product. Due to differences in air pressure and temperature during air transit / travel, there is no way to completely protect liquid containing products from the risk of freezing. If you still wish to order the product, it's at your own discretion and/or responsibility. We do not refund leaked issues with Hydrogen Peroxide as stated on the product's description. 

Out of Stock Items

* We may contact you if this happens and/or we will refund you and/or exchange it without your prior consent. We are not obliged to do so, we won't be able to accept returns based on the premise "this was the only item I wanted". We may substitute an item with the same product (different flavor) only if you have the same product on your order. We won't be able to refund the item in question if you did not write the phrase "NO SUBS" at checkout.

Refrigerated Items

We will ship any refrigerated/frozen items without a gel/ice pack if you don't add one to your cart. We may accept to avoid the gel pack addition From Nov 1st to April 30th. We may change the dates without notifying you. The company is not liable if the items get below the temperature required (get damaged) based on the omission of the GEL/ICE PACK ADDITION.