Shipping and Delivery Landing


Montreal Area Delivery Information

Free local SAME DAY for orders over $60. We deliver with our own drivers to:

  • All Montreal Island
  • Bizard Island
  • Laval & Verdun
  • Nun's Island 
  • South Shore (Brossard, Longueuil St. Lambert, Boucherville)
  • Exceptions Senneville - Ste. Anne Bellevue - Pointe Aux Trembles
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Ottawa/ Gatineau Area Delivery Information

FREE DELIVERY for orders over $80

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Toronto Area Delivery Information

FREE DELIVERY for orders over $80

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Vaudreuil Area Delivery Information

FREE DELIVERY for orders over $80

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If you are not on the cities
mentioned above…no worries, we have:


on orders over $120!


  • Eligible for Non perishables on orders total weight below 4kg
  • Orders over 4kg may be subject to an overweight fee (shipping cost minus our part of the shipping up to 4kg)
  • For perishables, there is a REFRIGERATION FEE at checkout, choose option with that Refrigeration to avoid delays.
  • In spring-summer time, ONTARIO and QUEBEC are the only provinces we are keeping the FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for perishables. Other provinces must choose FEDEX PRIORITY
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Also, we have a flat rate for those who
don’t reach the minimum amount…

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant answers so you get all the information you need to ensure a smooth purchase!

OUTSIDE MONTREAL - Items will not be in the same state they are when buying it from our store. Frozen items may not be frozen, refrigerated items may not be cold, despite our efforts to maintain it at low temperatures with an insulated wrapping and ice packs.

MONTREAL - Since 2022, we decided to make a huge campaign on GEL PACKS WASTE REDUCTION. You decide how many gel packs you want in your order. Our family, as a consumer, will not put ice packs since our boxes are outside the fridge 2-3 hours. Please avoid buying perishable from us in hot days. We do not deliver ice creams without GEL PACKS.

It will be COOL and safe to place it in the fridge/freezer upon arrival.

By ordering from us, you understand that we are not legally and financially liable for any spoilage/damage based on not able to control how couriers manage our boxes.

This message is not accurate for Montreal orders.

On your confirmation email we put in bold letters: Please disregard the DELIVERED message on the website.

There are three notifications you will get from us. That way you are aware of where you box is, at all times. You will get an email with a LIVE TRACKER 3 stops before yours(check Local Deliveries for when to expect your order).

OUTSIDE MONTREAL - The information should be accurate on the courier's tracking number page. Please contact the courier if you have any questions.

We use all major carriers for orders outside Montreal, and our own drivers Montreal orders.
For orders outside Montreal, we will select the most cost-effective courier to ship your order, unless you choose Fedex Priority. If you choose Fedex Ground, our team will ship it with Fedex/UPS as they offer the same service. All our shipping options have the refrigerated fee included unless it mentions NO REFRIGERATED ITEMS included.

You have 30 days after the purchase date to return a non-perishable item if you don't like it. Items must be unopened and its original condition. You can send an email to

Contact our team at within 48 hours of receiving the order. Send photos that shows the issue.

We will contact you to find a solution for you. Do not dispose the product until we contact you and tell what would be the next step. We may be sending a return label to get a refund/exchange. We will not refund an item if its disposed/open without our authorization.

Contact our team at within 48 hours of receiving the order. Send photos that shows the issue.

We will contact you to find a solution for you. Do not dispose a wrong item, we will be sending a return label to get a refund/exchange.

Our operational system shows a photo of where the box was left. This photo, along with 4 other notifications, would be sent to you during the transportation process so you know exactly where your box is. Box will be left in front of your home and/or lobby if you live in a building.

By buying from us, you acknowledge we do not refund and/or replace lost/stolen boxes.

We are physical store and our inventory levels are combined. If there's a person buying in store at the same time you placed your order, item will show as available.

Item(s) will be refunded without your authorization if it does not constitute 50% or more of your order.

Other reasons:

- You ordered a frozen item and you did not choose REFRIGERATED MATERIAL at checkout

- Inventory levels not accurate due to human error, products stolen from store, products expired and website not updated at moment of purchase.

If you place an order for pick up, you will get a notification "Your order is ready for pick up" within 2-3 hours if placed before 4pm. If you want to come before you get the notification, you can call from your car in front of the store. We will drop everything we are doing and prepare your order on spot. We kindly suggest to wait for our "order ready for pick up" message.

We do not have pick up service during weekends.

You can always click on "Forgot password". If you get a message "No account associated to this email", It may be that you have not create an account with us.

You may have ordered several times with us and received loyalty points as well. That does not mean you have created an account.

Please CREATE AN ACCOUNT with your email, and you will be able to see your past orders and associated points.

Every perishable item would have a paragraph at the beginning of the description stating if it's a refrigerated/frozen item.

Check how we handle our refrigerated items and what to expect from our standard services to make it affordable for most clients. If you are looking for a styro foam box and VIP PRIORITY service, please contact our team at

We are not able to control the time and date companies deliver your package. If you are not present or business is closed, it may be safe dropped, or a slip left for collection. If the box contains perishables, it will be ok for some hours, even a day. We will not be responsible if your order is dropped at a courier location for you to pick up later.

For Montreal orders, click here

We do not require clients to create an account to place orders. You do need to create one if you want to see your points.

Create and/or login to your account, and you will be able to see your points on the bottom left corner (purple box that says NS LOYALTY PROGRAM)

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