Natural Factors GarlicRich® Super Strength Garlic Concentrate 500 mg 90 Enteripure® Softgels

  • $23.39
  • $18.99
  • Super strength 10:1 concentrate – eight garlic cloves per softgel
  • Full spectrum of the important sulphur compounds thought to be responsible for garlic’s ability to prevent and treat chronic health conditions
  • Enteric-coated, odourless softgels
  • Pesticide-free, hand-picked, and extracted from the whole bulb
  • The medicinal powers of garlic have been used and celebrated around the world and throughout recorded history. Over the past few decades, scientific research has methodically validated garlic’s traditional reputation, unravelling the mysteries of how garlic enhances human health.

    Cardiovascular disease is associated with multiple factors such as high levels of cholesterol, excessive blood clotting, and high blood pressure. Numerous in vitro studies confirm garlic’s ability to reduce these risk factors. Garlic extract protects against atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving circulation, and retarding progression of coronary-artery calcification.

    Garlic extract can also modulate the immune system and help bring it back into balance when it has been depleted or overactive.