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 Chênes Organic Ginseng Royal Jelly 30 Phials contains 1 000 mg of ORGANIC Ginseng erxtract, 500 mg of ORGANIC honey and 500 mg of ORGANIC royal jellyy for more tonus and energy everyday.

Organic Ginseng Royal Jelly comines all the power of:

- Organic ginseng (active ginsenosides). The oldest Chinese traditions tell of the power of this "root of life" and make it a wonderful stimulant for the central nervous system to boost physical and intellectual performance, while favouring the memory process. A wonderful adaptogen, ORGANIC ginseng also improves how the body adapts to effort by reducing the feeling of tiredness.

- Organic Royal Jelly: Exclusive food for the queen of bees throughout her life, Royal Jelly has been a precious treasure for thousand years. Traditionnaly recognised for its ressource in peptides, fatty acids and group E vitamins and minerals, Organic Royal Jelly helps to fight against physical and intellectual tiredness.

- Organic Honey for its energising activity and for reducing the physical effects of tiredness. An initiatory food from time immemorial, Organic Honey is a genuine energetic elixir and is specially recomended for preparing for and recovering from physical efforts.