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If you find yourself run-down most of the time with low energy, dry skin and drastic weight fluctuations, there might be an underlying issue with your thyroid. In fact, the Thyroid Foundation of Canada estimates that one in ten Canadians suffers from a thyroid condition, with 50% of those being undiagnosed! With those types of stats, it’s time we address the issue.

The thyroid gland is located just above your windpipe, and is essential towards a number of functions in the body from secreting thyroid hormone, to regulating the heart, brain and liver. Using iodine, the thyroid is able to produce the active form of thyroid hormone, responsible for cell growth and metabolism. Common to many Canadians is hyper or hypothyroidism, where there are unbalanced levels of iodine that in turn cause the thyroid to become imbalanced, leading to symptoms such as drastic weight fluctuations, malaise and high levels of fatigue.

Here to lend a “Kelping” hand to your thyroid is Organika®’s Atlantic Kelp. Full of vitamins and minerals, Atlantic Kelp is especially high in Iodine – which helps promote balance for the thyroid gland by making more of the active thyroid hormone to regulate various organ functions. Higher iodine levels help to prevent thyroid issues such as goiter, and prevent iodine deficiency. Normally found in small amounts in food sources, this supplement provides much more iodine than the daily requirement of 150 mcg!

Don’t let thyroid issues get the best of you – take back your health with Organika®’s Atlantic Kelp today!