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ating nutrient-rich foods is very important. But if our bodies cannot break them down and absorb these nutrients, all that good food is literally going to waste. Enzymes in our digestive tract help process and extract nutrients from the foods we eat. The body's inability to absorb nutrients, often due to a lack of enzymes, is the root of many diseases as well as premature aging.


Foods naturally contain the enzymes needed to help break them down. However, processing, refining, overcooking and microwaving foods can destroy these essential enzymes. That means our digestive organs must work harder to produce the enzymes necessary for proper digestion. Over time, this can cause a deficit in our enzyme reserves, causing stress on the liver, immune system and other organs.

When we are enzyme-deficient, we often experience a heavy feeling after eating. This is caused by undigested food that sits in the upper stomach instead of being predigested. The immune system reacts against it as it would do with a foreign substance, thereby increasing the white blood cell count. Stomach acids alone are not able to finish digestion before the food moves into the small intestine. The end result is a poor digestion, a poor absorption, and a stressed-out body that is more susceptible to infection, fatigue and degenerative diseases.


In addition to increasing our intake of raw, enzyme-rich foods, we can also choose to supplement our intake of digestive enzymes. Organika® Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes® is a full range enzyme supplement that aids the body's ability to properly digest fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and milk sugar. When choosing digestive enzymes, look for those with a wide pH range to accommodate the body's pH needs during different stages of digestion.