• $9.99
Sweetfern Tonic Daily Immune Booster: This is a gentle and highly effective tonic which is designed to move toxins from lungs, blood and lymph’s and then has ingredients that assist liver, kidney , gal bladder and urinary track, so the ‘cleansing organs’ are never burdened, but rather are gently strengthened. Excellent to use everyday.(Our customers write with great results for those with arthritis and undergoing chemo or suffering from bad skin). 


This delicious and healthy gentle tonic can be enjoyed daily. Sweetfern Tonic is carefully formulated to assist every organ in the elimination of toxins. It tastes like black tea. It helps clear lymph, blood and skin. 


Delicious daily tonic formulated to assist every major organ in the cleansing of toxins. Great iced tea. Tastes similar to black tea.

  • Detoxifies blood
  • Strengthens organs and immune system
  • Clears skin
  • Eases rheumatism