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n this fast paced world of processed foods it’s hard to get the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Often times we grab a multivitamin and think we are getting all the benefits vitamins and minerals offer. Pollution and stress levels have reached epidemic proportions and diet alone can’t make up for the extra load on the body. To maintain and reach optimal health, we need more antioxidants, like vitamin C, E, A, the carotenes and selenium to help fight pollution and disease; more B vitamins to help the body better cope with stress, chemicals and denatured food; and minerals to help the body, especially the bones, stay strong.
We’ve formulated Multi-Max to supply not just the benefits of vitamins and minerals but a broad range of amino acids and a host of nutraceuticals such as heart healthy coenzyme Q10, super antioxidant green tea, eye and prostate healthy lycopene, digestive enzymes to help digest our denatured foods, chlorophyll rich Freedom Greens, special enzyme form of vitamins and more.
Multi-Max can help to correct any vitamin deficiency that may result from the poor diet that has become all too common in North America. Improving levels of important vitamins can mean a healthier, longer, more productive life.