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Orega-cinn is loved by children because its naturally spicy–just like red hots. They love, love, love it–and more so because it makes them feel good. The oregano oil and cinnamon oil are mycellized, so they dissolve well in water. You can give it to them directly or mix it in juice or water.

The combination of wild oregano plus cinnamon oil is especially valuable for supporting children’s health.* In a mycellized form both of these oils are well tolerated. Both support a healthy immune response, while cinnamon oil supports a healthy blood sugar response.* Children are vulnerable to a wide range of challenges with their immune systems. The daily intake of Orega-cinn resolves this by offering a constant state of immune support, along with the added benefit of digestive and blood sugar support.* So, give this, to all children, infants, and toddlers for their better health and to make this world a better place.

Orega-cinn also contains wild raspberry extract, which is highly soothing to the mucus membranes. Organic Peruvian goldenberry syrup is added for flavoring and also for supporting digestive health.* Additionally, there is organic, Peruvian yacon syrup, which acts as a powerful prebiotic, once again for digestive health and more.* All of these ingredients make Orega-cinn is delicious as well as the only totally natural, non-toxic, easy-to-use children’s immune support supplement available.* Children love to take it every day. Keeping the children healthy means healthy parents too!

INGREDIENTS: Propietary Blend (spring water, yacon syrup, goldenberry syrup, wild oregano extract, oil of cinnamon, wild raw raspberry extract, raspberry powder, beet juice powder)