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Wild fish oil pure pure for moms and moms-to-be.

Wholemega for Moms is an extra virgin wild salmon oil from Alaska gently extracted to preserve its beneficial compounds and their naturally vibrant color.

Wholemega for Moms helps deliver the recommended Omega-3s specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. For women who expect or breastfeed, good fats from Alaska's wild salmon help support your baby's visual and cognitive development.


Whole Food - Wholemega for Moms, integral fish oil, offers a comprehensive alternative to highly processed, high temperature, purified fish oils.

Extra virgin process - Pressed in a patented process similar to fine olive oil, Wholemega for Moms retains natural antioxidants and vitamin D3 that can be eliminated in other fish oils during processing.

Omegas for Pregnancy and Beyond - Wild salmon oil provides whole DHA and other critical Omegas that are important during pregnancy and lactation.

Fresh and wildly pure - Wholemega naturally pure for moms uses 100% of Alaska's wild salmon - from fisheries cited as global models of sustainability.
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