6 brands in promotion, each day of the month

10% off for any quantity, and get 15% off if you have the
minimum required to get the discount.


(Click on each to see the products)

  • Serenity MONDAY10 - MONDAY15 (15% off minimum 12 items)
  • Pacifica TUESDAY10 - TUESDAY15 (15% off minimum 3 items)
  • Primal Kitchen THURSDAY10 - THURSDAY15 (15% off minimum 3 items)
  • Zen Basil FRIDAY10 - FRIDAY15 (15% off minimum 3 items)
  • Spindrift Flavored Water SATURDAY10 - SATURDAY15 (15% off minimum 6 items)
  • Nemat Fragances SUNDAY10 - SUNDAY15 (15% off minimum 3 items)


Add any Nemats cosmetics and get 10% off by using code SUNDAY10, or add +3 Nemat products and get 15% off byusing code SUNDAY15.

This promotion will be valid in-store and online until July 31st at midnight.

The company may change the promotion at any time without any liability regarding the promotion. If the products get sold out while the promo is active, the company may refund you without honoring the discount.