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Bob's red mill ‘red lentils’ are packed with nutritional benefits. Add these lentils to dishes such as soups, curries and dips for an extra hint of sweetness!
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rich in minerals & protein
high in fiber
vibrant colour
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the possibilities are endless with bob’s red mill lentils and are the perfect nutritional addition to your homemade dals, stews and chilis. Not only this, they provide a healthy meat alternative for vegetarians as they are full of protein - wonderful in wraps, veggie burgers, with rice and vegetable curries!
these lentils are also packed with a number of nutritional benefits. They are rich in folate, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and potassium! By having just one portion of them daily, you will be fueling your body with endless necessary minerals and essential vitamins!
with a pleasant and earthy flavour, these legumes will cook quickly and break down when boiled, to ensure a wonderfully soft texture that is not too harsh on your tummy.
in a handy resealable packet, you can trust that bob’s red mill lentils will stay refreshed and delicious if you don’t finish the pack all at once!
red lentils
why buy bob’s red mill red lentils?
bob’s red mill sources its lentils from the palouse valley of washington and idaho, which is said to be where the very best lentils in the world are grown! This is due to the unique volcanic soil in this region, which produces a rich harvest annually.
by purchasing bob’s red mill lentils, you can be guaranteed the freshest, most sumptuous and nutritional lentils you can get your hands on.
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