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Ginkgo biloba leaf is an antioxidant and circulatory stimulant that protects and improves brain function, memory and blood circulation.

Ginkgo has been used to help slow the progression
of cognitive decline and maintain memory and brain function in the elderly; by dilating blood vessels, ginkgo leaves increase blood flow to the brain, so that the brain cells are properly fed with nutrients and oxygen. Ginkgo leaves also have
antioxidant effects to protect the brain from free
radical damage.

NPN Claims:

  • Helps to enhance cognitive function and memory in an aging population
  • Also supports peripheral circulation


  • Extract manufactured at world-class European facilities in Italy
  • Guaranteed 50:1 extract potency standardized to 24% flavonoids and 6% lactones matches constituent levels used in clinical trials and stringent German E
    Commission requirements
  • Clinically supported with safety, toxicity and efficacy data
  • Guaranteed to contain less than 5 ppm of the impurity, ginkgolic acid
  • Superior to tea or tincture forms - standardized extracts of Ginkgo biloba are key to seeing the positive changes
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan


  • Vegan