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Support healthy glucose metabolism and help in fat and carbohydrate metabolism with a chromium supplement. Each of Organika®'s Cr-Bittermelon™ Capsules is formulated with 50 mcg of chromium and the non-medicinal ingredient bitter melon.

Although dietary sources include animal fats, brown sugar, coffee and whole wheat bread, chromium content is reduced through processing. A deficiency in chromium can lead to anxiety, fatigue and glucose intolerance. Health Canada recommends adult males (19-50 years of age) intake 35 mcg of chromium per day and adult females (19-50 years of age) intake 25 mcg daily to meet adequate intake values.

Meet the adequate intake values of chromium, support a healthy glucose metabolism as well as help in fat and carbohydrate metabolism with Organika®'s Cr-Bittermelon Capsules.