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Royal Jelly 500mg (120 Sgels) | Cholesterol / Heart Health | Organika

  • Premium, high potency Royal Jelly.
  • Combined with products like ginseng and maca, promote overall health, strength and vitality.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol balance to promote good heart health.
  • Natural source of micro-vitamins and minerals that acts as a fortifying tonic for the body.

Royal Jelly has always been associated with the Queen Bee in terms of the nutritive jelly given to younger bees for growth and development.

In a capsule form, Royal Jelly is a nutrient rich superfood that supports overall good health, for the heart and mind. Royal Jelly combines well with other vitamin and nutrient rich substances like Maca and Quinoa Powder to provide an all-in-one nutritive tonic for the body.