• $89.99
What Is It?

Advanced Vegan Protein combines organic, sprouted brown rice and yellow pea proteins into a delicious, high dose and non-dairy protein blend formulated with optimized amino acid profiles.

What Does It Do?

Primary Uses: Advanced Vegan Protein supports daily protein requirements with a dairy and soy free formula, designed to complement a plant based diet. The complementary combination of brown rice and pea protein makes this a complete amino acid formula, which some plant-based diets can lack in. Advanced Vegan Protein also promotes lean muscle growth and recovery after exercise making it a suitable alternative to whey protein for sports nutrition enthusiasts. Secondary Uses: Studies show that there are several advantages to consuming adequate protein at every meal, including better satiety, blood sugar management, improved body composition and reduced cravings.

Who Should Take It?

Advanced Vegan Protein is ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality alternative to whey protein that is also dairy, soy, GMO and artificial ingredient-free.

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