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What Is It?

ALCAR™ is N-acetyl-L-carnitine, a short-chain acetylated ester of L-carnitine, a compound found ubiquitously in mammalian tissues. ALCAR™ is thought to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than L-carnitine, making ALCAR™ usage more targeted toward cognitive function.

What Does It Do?

Primary Uses: Extensive research has documented that ALCAR™ has the ability to rejuvenate mitochondrial bioenergetics, and ALCAR™ has been found to support cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment. Secondary Uses: L-carnitine supplements can also increase L-carnitine levels in those who are deficient due to the use of medications, disease, strict vegetarians, dieters, and those with heart or circulatory conditions. Some people use L-carnitine for athletic performance and endurance, muscle disorders, male infertility, Rett syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, anorexia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), thyroid imbalances, leg ulcers, high cholesterol and Lyme disease.

Who Should Take It?

ALCAR™ is beneficial for people of all walks of life including the young, middle-aged and elderly, vegetarians, brain rehab patients, those experiencing chronic fatigue or who have metabolic problems. Better yet, the positive cognitive effects seem to persist after ceasing short-term supplementation! This makes it a worthwhile investment with good returns for anyone looking for additional cognitive, metabolic and general health support.