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Flux-O-Bile is a complete 10-day liver cleansing program in ampoules, based on traditional herbal medicine.  

Its fast acting liquid eliminates accumulated toxins rapidly and effectively.

Flux-O-Bile aids in the elimination of bile and improves the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

It should be used for 10 to 20 days, four (4) times a year, preferably with the change of seasons.

Flux-O-Bile is highly recommended before starting a weight loss program or before planning a pregnancy. 

100% Organic certified Ecocert.

Contains no colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Contains no nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, sulfites, MSG, solvents or contaminants.

Contains no alcohol.

Natural Product Number
NPN 02239745

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