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NaturalRest is the natural answer for calming, nourishing and balancing the nervous system, thanks to its combination of calming herbs, enzymes, minerals and trace elements from ConcenTrace.The Root Acid, Chamomile, Valerian Root and Hops, a special blend of plants found in NaturalRest have been used throughout the ages for their natural sedative properties. Feel calm and relaxed, without the side effects that usually accompany taking the drugs that are usually sold for this purpose.

The complete and balanced combination of minerals and trace elements from ConcenTrace will also help rebalance the nervous system and promote the assimilation of plant active ingredients.NaturalRest is a fast-acting food supplement.N.B. NaturalRest is not a sedative, but it provides calm and well-being, which allows people who have problems falling asleep to find a better and faster sleep.