COLLAGEN-FLOBAX 500M INTEX (before Medelys)

  • $69.99
Flobax is a molecular complex of multiple ingredients, based on collagen. Its unique formula, rich in active ingredients, provides many precursor nutrients of the joint and contains also a high concentration of MSM and powerful anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. The dosage of all these ingredients has been optimized to produce the most optimal effect on the joints. It is therefore an ideal combination to treat inflammation and deeply relieve damaged joints and back tissues.

Flobax is in liquid form in contrast with most collagen based products, enabling a treatment with proper and optimal dosage. Perfectly assimilated, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and goes directly to the cells producing the connective tissue matrix. The anti-inflammator ingredients act quickly and directly at the site of inflammation.

Flobax is rich in antioxidants, with natural molecules of fruit extracts. These molecules help to overcome the degradation of collagen and cells in the body