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"Full-Spectrum Extraction: Our Difference Many companies isolate elements from an herb, concentrate them, and label it “whole herb.” New Chapter delivers the wisdom of whole food. Using only natural supercritical CO2 or traditional techniques of extraction our Force extracts guarantee the fullest spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile. Natural Inflammation Response: Turmeric has been shown to help maintain a healthy inflammation response and is one of the most studied botanicals in modern science.* Full-Spectrum Potency: The full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in Turmeric Force is delivered using a supercritical extraction, whole-food approach to herbal supplementation. ""Side Benefits"": Turmeric also supports cardio and liver health.* Pure & Potent Extracts: Our full-spectrum process extracts precious plant compounds to preserve Nature's full complexity, delivering super-pure, super-potent herbal extracts."
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