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Temporary Relief from Occasional Pain and Internal Challenges with Zyflamend

Zyflamend Whole Body from New Chapter is an herbal supplement that blends plants extracts to provide temporary relief from occasional pain, support healthy joints and help maintain normal mobility. New Chapter uses specialized and normal extraction methods that are suited to each plant ingredient to ensure optimal potency and delivery of chemical compounds to a healthy body.

This formula includes plant-based ingredients that seek complement each other. The primary ingredient, rosemary, contains phytochemicals that may support a healthy digestive system, maintain normal acid production in the stomach, and support healthy-looking skin. Holy Basil compliments rosemary. Ginger rhizome, which contains the chemical compound gingerol, may support healthy connective tissue, a healthy digestive tract, and may provide temporary relief from occasional pain. In addition, Holy Basil seeks to support ginger with compounds known as “Adaptogens” that are thought to support a normal stress and frustration response.

Green tea, Hu Zhang, Chinese Goldthread, barberry, organic oregano, and Chinese skullcap seek to support cellular development, healthy connective tissue, and help to maintain fluid found in joints. These ingredients are also believed to support a healthy immune response to environmental and microbial challenges.

  • Kosher
  • Vegan