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BELL Eroxil for men- 30 Tablets is a satisfying love life for couples of all ages Natural Supplement to help restore MALE VIRILITY! Most men can function within days as well as when they were young Product with evidence it really works Older Men: Be the lover you were many years ago. Works by rejuvenating the sexual reproductive system. No scheduling or timing needed. Women can ask for Ersoyn™ to improve their libido. Skepticism will turn to delight.YOURS AND HERS! Certificates from university research departments say Eroxil is safe to take. US Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher M.D. stated: "Our nation is suffering in so many ways because of the failure to address human sexuality."Dr. Frank Sweet, N.M.D.Comment and professional opinion regarding the effectiveness of Eroxil™, and Erosyn™Eroxil for men and Erosyn for women have been specifically developed with patented and naturally based compounds. No dangerous synthetic drugs or harsh plants that do not work harmoniously with the body's entire hormonal system. Bio-identical nutrients re-establish normal sexual function for both men and women. Eroxil and Erosyn are the only products that I am aware of that are totally natural, backed by years of research and mimic the human body's natural hormone production from the brain to the sexual glands. Eroxil™ For Men At last! A unique, naturally-based product that addresses the cause, not the symptoms like drugs, of male sexual dysfunction. The result of years of extensive research, Eroxil™ works with the body’s own natural processes to help rejuvenate the entire sexual reproductive system – sperm production, libido, performance. And without the side effects normally associated with drugs.