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Bell Stop Snoring Spray Details

  • Formerly called "Helps Stop Snoring Spray".
  • A unique blend of ten essential oils that help reduce snoring.
  • Helps to relieve nasal congestion.
  • Helps make nasal passages feel clearer.
  • May help soothe a dry and scratchy throat.
  • Best seller in many stores across Great Britain.
  • Easy to use pump action spray.

Bell Quiet Z's Spray is ideal for snoring sufferers with hectic lifestyles. This handy spray can be used at home or while travelling and offers up to a seven-week supply. Its so simple! Just three sprays towards the back of the throat before you go to bed, it will start to coat and tone the soft tissue, avoiding vibrations that can lead to snoring.

Phytotherapy research in 2004, by Andrew J.N. Prichard at Shrewsbury Hospital in England, suggests that this combination of essential oils "may have an action on the soft palate (and even the greater area of the pharynx) via an antispasmodic action altering the tone of the musculature such as to reduce palatal, thus reducing the noise to the bed partner." "The essential oils might also increase blood flow to the palate, thereby causing even a modest increase in "stiffness" and again reducing flutter and noise."

Each essential oil in the Quiet Z's Spray formula has multiple benefits, but together they have the potential to improve snoring issues, interrupted sleep, breathing patterns, and even dry, scratchy throat. Many people have contacted us and stated that they had great results, their partners were happy, and some felt their sinuses clear as an added benefit.