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ell Echinacea Immune Support Product Information

What makes our echinacea supplement so different from other Echinacea products is the combination of powerful ingredients that help potentially increase the body’s resistance to infection.*


  • Used to potentially reduce infections by stimulating the immune system while giving bacterial, viral, and germ protection.*
  • Helps to shorten duration of bronchitis, colds, flus, respiratory system problems, and skin problems.*
  • Provides the following actions and properties: Analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic.*
  • Echinacea is traditionally used to help relieve the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.*
  • Propolis is traditionally used to help relieve sore throat and/or other mouth and throat infections.*
  • Provides antioxidants.*
  • Echinacea was widely used by the North American Plains Indians for its healthy and holistic qualities.*