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Source of Fibre, Magnesium and Molybdenum

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is highly consumed in Peru in smoothie or on its own due to its great sweet taste, as well as its high nutritional content. Dried Papaya chunks are made from select Papaya fruits, chopped and dried. They make for a tasty snack for any time of the day, on its own or mixed with other fruits.

Ideal as a Snack, for Drinks and Confectionery

Fruit Salads, as well as other desserts,  can benefit from a taste and nutrition boost from using dried papaya chunks.

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This package is full of goodness! Made from select raw materials and amazing processes. None of that GMO mumbo jumbo, no unpronounceable artificial ingredients (binders, excipients, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring of any kind), and no use of irradiation or high heat.

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