K2 & D3 60CAP SISU

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Vitamins K and D were discovered in the early 20th century, however, only recently has research highlighted the essential services that these fat-soluble vitamins perform in our body, both individually and synergistically. Together, vitamins K and D are best known for their key role in enhancing and optimizing the absorption and utilization of calcium – building and strengthening bones and also protecting arteries from hardening. In addition to bone and heart health, vitamin D is linked to immunity, mental and digestive health, muscle strength, skin conditions, insomnia, and more. Vitamin K is associated with not only osteoporosis and blood clotting, but also brain health, healthy aging and vascular health. Taken together, K2 & D3 can be an important addition to our healthy aging regimen. 
SISU K2 & D3 combines the two preferred, natural-source forms of these nutrients, menaquinone-7 vitamin K (MK-7) derived through fermentation and proven to provide optimal activity and vitamin K levels in the body, and vitamin D3, the form identical to the vitamin D produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Just one capsule daily delivers the recommended daily dose of these two key nutrients.