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This powdered green tea from Kyoto is produced by grinding the tea leaves into a fine powder. The grinding of the tea is what gives it its special properties and makes its quality largely superior to that of other standard green tea and even infused teas in general. Because the tea leaves are ground, it is easier to absorb the whole nutritional value of the green tea: its antioxidants (catechin), vitamins and theanine, which slows the progression of disease and of natural aging and helps to relieve tension. Daily consumption of catechin helps restore the body’s natural equilibrium and well-being and boosts the metabolism.


1) Put the tea in a tea bowl. 1 teaspoon (about 5g) is enough for one person.

2) Pour 60ml of hot water (75-80 degrees) into the bowl.

3) Whisk the tea either with tea whisk (chasen) or with an electric mixer.