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For English Breakfast, we have used a process of decaffeination using a natural European method that removes 99.5% of caffeine but retains all the flavor, color and aroma of the tea. The result is rich and intense tea. It can be enjoyed with milk or lemon and is also a rich iced tea. This tasty tea is perfect to drink at any time of the day. The prototype English Breakfast was developed about 100 years ago by the Scottish master of the Drysdale teas in Edinburgh. Simply known as "Breakfast Tea", breakfast tea, became popular in England because of the devotion that Queen Victoria had for all things coming from Scotland. Tea shops in London, however, have been renamed and sold as "English Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea." English Breakfast has become a favorite of tea lovers all over the world and is the tea that is most often chosen for English snacks.

We are responsible for obtaining affirmations signed by our suppliers of materials which guarantee that all the ingredients obtained by Stash Tea Company do not contain gluten. We do not use barley malt in any of our blends.